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credit: Sewanee The University of the South
credit: Sewanee The University of the South
credit: COD Newsroom

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  • Sharing from Beth and Owen Brown, ISMC city director and Bible teacher in Prince George

    We are excited to see ISMC’s vision of "empowering international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ" happening at the University of Northern British Columbia! Some while ago, with the recommendation of ISMC’s President
    Yaw Perbi, we began a leadership training series in our Focus Club using teaching material from John Maxwell, a Christian leadership expert and author. Students are keenly interested in learning Bible-based leadership skills.

    A student from Myanmar (Burma) expressed her passion and enthusiasm to be equipped with these leadership skills, so she could apply them in her home country. Another student said, "This is the most in-depth leadership training I have ever had!"

    It is encouraging to see the development of these emerging leaders; as directors of the Prince George ministry, we have a growing vision and desire to train many students to become tomorrow’s godly and effective leaders, bringing a positive impact to the world.

  • Sharing from Gary and Kathy Short
    Volunteers, ISMC Edmonton

    My wife Kathy and I were invited to visit an ISMC Friday evening student gathering in 2012. Astonished by the students’ interest and curiosity to learn about Christ, we decided to start a Bible study with international students.

    Our Bible study group on Friday evenings soon became just a small part of our connection to students. We recognized many opportunities to be part of their lives and make them feel at home, even though they were far from their families. We helped them to move, met them at the airport, helped get driver’s licenses, celebrated achievements, and shared difficult times.

    We took them on a vacation to the Rocky Mountains and shared a wonderful time of visiting, playing games, picnicking, and biking. What a joy to see their first experience of throwing a football, sleeping in a tent, hiking in the mountains,
    snowshoeing, and so much more!

    “As we share each other’s lives in numerous activities, our friendships strengthen. They are more than friends; they have become part of our family!”

    Like most families, we get together at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. These are great opportunities to teach the spiritual meaning behind each holiday. A student emailed us after a potluck dinner saying, “Thank you for all your love and care. We are so thankful God led us to meet you and your wife who count us as family members.”

    We too are thankful to share the difference Jesus made in our lives and be able to walk the walk and talk the talk while ministering to our beloved international students.

  • Word from ISMC President Dr. Yaw Perbi

    "Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit (Phil. 4:17 ESV)."

    Early in February, my wife Anyele and I welcomed another beautiful baby into our home and hearts. In the midst of our joy, we also heard that little voice of responsibility whispering, “One more gift from God to teach.”

    Among the many things we have taught our three older children were the magic words of please, thank you, and I am sorry. They are good for parenting and marriage and, they are good for life!

    After three weeks of paternity leave, my ISMC travels resumed, including 10 flights in 17 days. Believe me, I had lots and lots of thinking time.

    One thought that gripped me is how regularly two of those phrases are characteristic of support-raising missionaries like my staff and me: Please, would you give your (time, talent, treasure) to God? And, thank you for doing so.

    But what about the third magic phrase—I am sorry? Ultimately, we know God is the centre of everything we are and do as a mission. After that, our staff or volunteers would most likely say that students are the centre of all we are and do. It wouldn’t surprise me if our new Membercare director insists our hardworking associate and career staff are at the centre of what we are and do.

    True, to some extent, but consider: isn’t it true that our donors are at the centre of all we are and do? As a Canadian charity under God, the donor has to be the center of what we are and do.

    So I will readily say I am sorry to any donor who feels that all we care about is students, students, students. Let it never be felt that we missionaries are the big deal, the stars—and our faithful donors are basically just supporters. We know we are here because of our donors as together we seek the fruit that increases.

    We are because you are!

  • In the winter 2014 semester, over 500 ISMC Volunteers worked together with our staff to serve international students.  In the next two posts we would like to salute the individuals who were voted by their peers to have gone above and beyond in service.

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