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The Word of God and its Preservation:   Is The Bible ‘God’s Word’ to us ? How can we be sure that what we read today is the same as what was written thousands of years ago? These two questions will be answered in this article

Evidence for a young earth  Dr Russall Humphreys Ph,D mentions14 areas of Scientific research which conflict with the idea that the world is billions of years old.  See a summary on this webpage. To read the Article go directly to  then Click “ICR Impact Articles” then click  ”ICR Impact List” and scroll down to June 1, 2005 to read ‘Evidence for a Young Earth’


 Five Great Mysteries- This article can be of interest to all but was especially written for Chinese Atheists to present them with the 5 great truths taught in the Bible. It was taken from the webpage with permission. It can also be read on this webpage.


One Solitary life: This article is from an anonymous writer who expresses the tremendous impact the life of a simple carpenter from Nazareth called Jesus had on the world.


Is there a God?  The Bible does not attempt to prove there is a God but declares there is a God. What evidence is there?

I.‘In the beginning GOD CREATED….’

 Did this world started from an explosion, and from the chaos came order, life from non-life, billions of beneficial mutations, and the development of a complex and well designed universe. Is this true? or have we been fooled by the fanciful imaginations of some?


God communicated directly with men and the WORDS of GOD have been recorded and carefully copied for us to read. The question then arises ‘What evidence do we have that the Bible is the ‘WORD of GOD’?

III. GOD VISITED our planet.

Is this THE TRUTH or is it a deliberate fraud taught by the disciples of Jesus? What does the evidence show?

The three parts of this article can be read on this webpage




What scientists say about Evolution  Many leading Scientists point out some very serious difficulties with the widely accepted theory of evolution.  This article was copied with permission from . It can also be read on this webpage.




The Uniqueness of Christianity All religions have in common such beliefs as: the existence of an  all-powerful being, the desire to know Him, please Him, be accepted by Him and a belief that the human soul and spirit lives beyond the grave. But Chritianity is different than all other philosophies or religious beliefs. Read the article to see the important differences.

$250,000 dollars are offered to anyone who can give scientific proof of evolution. This is a serious offer by Dr. Kent Hovind. Read about the details in his article.

The Bible and dinosaurs  Did the dinosaurs live on the earth at the same time as men? Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? The answer is yes to both of these questions. Read about what the Bible says.

What must I do to receive God’s forgiveness and know I will enter heaven when I die? Many people think you can never know this, but only hope that God will accept them as a ‘good’ person. The very reason Jesus came into the world was to warn us that we are not good enough to go to heaven but there is a way apart from ‘being good’ Read the article on What must I do to know God’s forgiveness and have the assurance of eternal life in heaven?

What is the ‘real’ meaning of Easter? This and other Christian holidays have become comercialized and the emphasis has come to be on painted eggs, chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans. But the real message of the Easter story is a story of hope and forgiveness. It is a message we should not neglect. Read more in the short article of the real meaning of Easter.

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