Ottawa Resources

Ottawa is an amazing city but it’s BIG. Here are some links that can help you.

Finding Apartments For Rent or Sublets - find a place to live (usually looking for 1 year term) - find a place to live (terms less than a year)

Buying or Selling Used Items - buy and sell used items - buy and sell used items

             Do you need temporary storage

            for your belongings, at a low cost?  to store your things

            For those who have come from China. to find out why millions of people call Jesus the most inspiring person in the history of this world.  to receive a free gift to read online, in chinese, the book by Youzi Yin called ‘Song of a Wanderer’ You are able to download messages and videos for free

Here are the two websites on which there are a lot of church songs and Christian videos in Chinese:  (songs) (videos) for science videos ‘Thats a Fact’ for daily Science updates in English

            Read the Bible in English on line

             Read the Bible on line-

           a choice of 35 languages

e-sword  can be downloaded for free

             Science and the Bible

Many books, articles and videos on science, in many languages, can be downloaded for free, at the following site.

You can download parts of this book for free.

Do Christians believe in ONE God or three gods?

This book might interest those from the Middle east

We believe in ONE GOD. Look at this webpage and download parts of the book for free. Bev Boyle will get a number of copies of this book for free to any who would like to read it.

Check also the following webpages;

or;  this webpage offers a free NT and Bible correspondence lessons.

              Bus service for the city

Are you looking for international cuisine in Ottawa?

     Do you need to know your postal code?

    Interesting things to do and see in Ottawa

For more information, please contact Bev at

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