International Student Ministries Canada is a Christian charitable organization committed to empowering international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ.

  • My name is Adarsh Jain, most of my friends call me Addy. I am from India and came to Canada one cold winter in December 2014 for the computer science program at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops.
    Shortly after school started, a guy gave me a flyer and said, “Come tonight. It’s free!” The flyer read FOCUS Club with free food. I decided to check it out and brought a friend.
    FOCUS Club is for international students. The gathering started with a dinner, followed by ice-breaker games, worship music, and topical discussions. We met many new friends from various countries and found the leaders welcoming and friendly. We felt very much at home!
    FOCUS Club has become an amazing family for me in Canada. When I can’t attend a gathering, I get notes saying I was missed. Their friendship makes me feel I am not alone.
    When the semester ended, I went to Vancouver to work and missed my FOCUS Club family. As I reflected on our discussions about life and faith, I had more questions. Back in Kamloops in September, I learned some friends had decided to get baptized. This encouraged me to follow God also and let Him continue to teach me the truth about life and faith.
    I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior in September 2015 and today, am pleased to serve as the president of the Kamloops FOCUS Club.

    Published on the March 2018 issue of Doorways

  • Sharing from Chi Perrie, City Director, ISMC Halifax

    Organizing talent shows always brings the largest number of performers and attendees. What a great opportunity for our international guests and volunteers to showcase talents and build confidence. A talent show promotes cultural exchange and brings together the ISMC Halifax community for a fun and friendly event.

    Performances, ranging from instrumentals and folk songs to modern dance, are encouraged. Although most participants come to enjoy the show, we also share the love of Christ and touch lives.

    The evening usually starts with a potluck dinner and a Bible-based small group discussion. Our main goal: make everyone feel welcome and loved while learning Bible-based insights such as the fruit of the Spirit, servant leadership, and Christ’s teachings.

    We’ve seen increased interest and curiosity from international students and new immigrants to learn more about Christianity. We connect some of these guests to the Bible studies at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography or Dalhousie University, where many of our guests pursue graduate degrees and related research. We also encourage them to visit our partnering churches.

    Please pray for God’s hand on the Halifax ministry. May our international friends come to know the Lord through these creative outreach activities.

    Published on the March 2018 issue of Doorways

  • Word from the President—Dr. Yaw Perbi

    "He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground." Isaiah 53:2, NLT

    In late November 2017, in my dual role as ISMC president and global CEO of The HuD Group, I gathered eight emerging leaders (mostly former international students, half of them Canadian alumni) from Colombia, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda/Uganda, Egypt, Canada, and Cote d’Ivoire for a retreat in Egypt. I challenged them to live and lead from a place of deep divine transformation and our authentic selves. The retreat’s theme was Strengthening the Soul of our Leadership. Using Moses' life as a lens, what better context to explore this than in Moses’ Egypt!

    While we were there, the deadliest terrorist attack in modern Egyptian history took place, with the death toll reaching over 300. Speak of impact amidst terror! Our alumnus, M., leads the small, persecuted body of Christ in Egypt to lovingly engage Muslim neighbors by providing healthcare and essential services. The pastors and churches M. influences (we met three of them) feed their Muslim neighbors every day during Ramadan as they break their fast. M. is applying what he learned in Canada to conduct such a community transformation.

    I will never forget hearing how Muslims surrounded a church to defend it against an attempted armed attack. Why? Because of the church’s significant impact on their Muslim neighbors. The Muslim neighbors said to the belligerents, “To get to that church, you have to kill us first.”

    What’s the point? ISMC’s mandate is not to directly impact the world per se, but to empower internationals like M. and his cohort to then impact the world as He leads them. Who would think a tender shoot of impact would grow out of such a dry ground of persecution and terror? It is only the doing of the Lord and is marvelous in our eyes! Please pray for Egypt and the continued impact of our alumni there, especially M. Without doubt, our international alumni are impacting the world through Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

    Published on the March 2018 issue of Doorways

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