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    So how do we grow meaningful connections in the midst of our complex culture? Yes, we want to give a grounding in Christ’s love, but all around us, the world is busier than ever—ever rushing, ever secular.

    Cultivating a loving connectedness in a fragmented world is a high calling. A University of Calgary math professor talked about the loneliness of his vocation, and the challenge of trying to maintain a relationship with his wife in China. Returning to his isolated apartment every day added to his loneliness, but the caring community he discovered at FOCUS Club connected him to a family that transcends all boundaries.

    Compelled by Jesus’ heart for the world, Calgary’s ISMC team faithfully commits to unconditionally loving international students. Every Friday, our FOCUS Club welcomes about 60 international students. We usually eat together, followed by a Christ-centered program, such as a special topic discussion, an inspiring movie, or a team building activity. Our goal? To provide a home away from home, a place where everyone feels loved and welcome, where we empower international students to impact the world through Jesus.

    We thank God for the partnerships we enjoy with several local churches. Not only do they provide a place to gather, they help prepare meals for students, volunteers, and staff members every week.

    Please remember us in your prayers as we seek to express our love for God by loving those He has brought here from every corner of the globe.

    Published on the February 2017 issue of Doorways

  • When you want to get to know someone, what do you like to discover about that person? Their story! We like more than just "the facts". This life journey requires many mutual exchanges, which if commited to long enough, reveal personal inner longings and motivations.  The ISMC small group that I lead regularly gathers around the study of God's word in order to get to know Him and His heart. We're making it our goal to discover how our stories fit into the bigger story of what God is doing in the world of international students in Calgary. We're discovering that in 2017 our stories are interwoven into God's desire for everyone from everywhere to know the oneness of all who follow Jesus.

    Please, on our behalf pray for wisdom, courage and unity.

    Also, if you'd like to financially support me in this global discipleship opportunity, please consider a contribution to my ministry account.

    Blessings in Jesus' name


  • Lately I've been celebrating the contributions of those around me. People who've been enabling me in maintaining focus on that to which I've been called. Through you I've been realizing the amazing opportunities for growth toward an exciting future as Calgary's ISMC city director. I'm so thankful for faithful friends who've come alongside and helped me navigate the changes leading to this moment.

     Now it's time to seriously begin the process of building an ever stronger community of focused, trained, and mobilized ISMC leader servants. Please pray with me as I seek to communicate direction leading to powerful action in line with our missional goals. Also please prayerfully consider how God might be challenging you in moving me further toward my goal of being 100% fully-funded in this ministry.

    "The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it"  1 Thessalonians 5:24 (NIV)                                                                                                                                            



  • God knows what he's doing; the ancient voices of the prophets foretold something great was on the horizon, but eternal goals take time. As I reflect on this important truth, I am quieted in my spirit. You see, I've been waiting for God to open a new door of ministry opportunity for a little more than a year or so. I know, it seems like a mere blink of an eye when you consider the patience required of Simeon that first Christmas (Luke 2:25). 

    Now that God has brought about the direction I was seeking, would you pray with me for continued rest in God's perfect timing? And would you consider what God might have you do to help financially resource me in the place he has chosen? 

    May Immanuel especially reveal his nearness to us all this Christmas and into 2016.

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