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Dr. Yaw Perbi is a medical doctor by training and has practiced medicine in both his home country, Ghana, and with the United Nations Operation in Cote d'Ivoire. 

He is a renowned author-publisher, a sought-after preacher, award-winning Toastmaster, inspirational teacher and life coach for scores of emerging leaders around the world (see www.yawperbi.com).  Although a man of many parts his foremost passion is holistic emerging leadership development. 

Yaw is the prolific and paradigm-shifting writer of numerous articles, training manuals and about 15 published books including highly recommended Financial Whizzdom, A++, Youth Power! and X-Sense.  He is acknowledged by many as the “grandfather” of Investment Clubs in Ghana, having founded the premier investment club in the country, Medics Investment Club, while still a medical student.  Yaw is also a co-founder of a collective investment fund for (para)medics known as Mutual Medics (M2).  He holds certificates from the Ghana Stock Exchange and Investment Funds Institute of Canada. For two years he consulted for Investors Group, Canada. 

As an international speaker his audiences have ranged from Pre-teens through Professionals to Presidents in Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, USA, Guatemala, Hungary, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Taiwan , Japan, India, Philippines and Turkey.

Dr. Perbi has been the toast of media groups worldwide, including CNN, the National Press Club (Washington DC), VOA, CBC and BBC.  He is the founder and Global CEO of an international human development NGO called The HuD Group, “engaging Hearts, enlightening Heads and empowering Hands of Emerging Leaders for global impact and God’s glory.”

A few years back Yaw was nationally recognized and honoured as the Newmont Ghana Highest Achievement Award winner by the Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana.  He is a Fellow of the Africa Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

 After miraculously escaping a tragic road traffic accident in 2008, he strongly sensed the LORD had saved him for a purpose beyond Medicine. In 2009 he hang up his stethoscope to fully commit himself to the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and raising emerging leaders worldwide—he hasn’t turned back since.

Dr. Yaw Perbi currently resides in Montreal, Canada with his graceful wife, Anyele, and four energetic children, where he dexterously combines pastoring the Montreal Chinese Alliance Grace Church, leadership and financial consultancy, and serving as Global CEO of The HuD Group with operations in over a dozen countries.  Having been inaugurated as the President of the International Student Ministries of Canada in 2013, he now has oversight of some 110 staff and 500 volunters in 34 cities across Canada. He owes all these to Christ Jesus.


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  • My Japanese friend and co-worker Izumi, has quite the story discovering her vocation.

    My Japanese friend and co-worker Izumi, has quite the story discovering her vocation.

    It was not until my university days that I clearly heard and understood that I had a unique and specific God-given calling in this life. The excitement of that threw me into an extreme mode where I sought that one and only specific vocation my Creator had for my life. If you’ve been following this Confessions of the Called series, you will know that a lot of my one-track perspective has changed.

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  • At the Lausanne Younger Leaders in Indonesia (August 2016) with Jun and other mentees

    At the Lausanne Younger Leaders in Indonesia (August 2016) with Jun and other mentees

    From the experience of being an unwanted child through dropping out of school to becoming a shepherd girl in China to being on the brink of inability to complete her international education in the USA this year, one thing is evident throughout Jun’s amazing life story: there is no stopping God from accomplishing His ordained purposes in a person’s life! Buckle your seat belt as you hear from the horse’s own mouth.

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  • Naming ceremony of our latest baby, at home

    Naming ceremony of our latest baby, at home

    Sometimes one can’t help but wonder whether names of people in history were given to them after they lived the way they did (to capture the essence of their lives) or really before. Naming is important; names are prophetic.

    We just named our newest child... Read more.

  • Anyele and I with Peter and Geri Scazzero

    Anyele and I with Peter and Geri Scazzero

    In medical school, this wasn’t one of the diagnoses I was taught I could make but on the other side of the doctor’s desk, this may be an even more dire diagnosis than a clogged gut.

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  • Three of my ISMC co-leaders demonstrate the 'balancing act' of leadership

    Three of my ISMC co-leaders demonstrate the 'balancing act' of leadership

    The idea of ‘leadership ellipse’ is perhaps the most striking leadership concept I’ve come across most recently. How in the world is one supposed to ‘balance’ the inner spiritual life and the outer demands of leadership and tame tensions like being in the world but not of it, faithfulness and fruitfulness, impact and profit, being and doing… and remain sane?!

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  • With the newly-wed couple and their local pastors in Tlaxcala, Mexico

    With the newly-wed couple and their local pastors in Tlaxcala, Mexico

    "One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts." (Psalm 145:4)

    Two weeks ago (18-21 May) I was in Tlaxcala and Puebla in Mexico. Why? Manuel, one of our international students who already knew the LORD but was further discipled and developed as a leader while doing part of his Master’s in Engineering programme at McGill University was getting married!

    Just to give you an idea how much our relationship means to each other, his wedding was originally scheduled for the weekend of INTERGEN (28-30 May), a conference in California (USA) of Christian foreign student advisors and international student ministry (ISM) workers from across the country which sought to emphasize the intergenerational nature of the family of God and His mission. Manuel had called to give me his wedding date barely 2-3 days after I had confirmed to Paula Parker (President of International Friends Meet and organizer of INTERGEN) that I was going to be in California to speak at INTERGEN! Not wanting to renege on my promise to Paula I expressed my deep regret to Manuel and now he had the difficult task of convincing his bride that they shift the wedding by a week—and they did!

    If you read my book, Thinking Outside the Window, you will recall  (pages 162-163) a young Mexican returnee who phoned me one day and said, “HELP DOCTOR, I need more leadership training. I AM LEADING MY BOSS!” This was in 2013. Well, it turns out that not only did Manuel lead this boss (a woman who was the daughter of the owner of this textile manufacturing plant) in terms of work in the marketplace, but actually led this gifted-but-messed-up boss (child out of wedlock, and in our her words, “trapped in a vortex of pain going from abuses, eating disorders, destructive relationships and violence”) to FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST!

    Well, as we speak this boss has relocated to France, from where she contacted me and requested further mentoring (including finding her God-given purpose and putting together a personal mission statement etc.). We meet monthly via technology.

    Now guess what? She is influencing her French fiancé (you see wide and international impact from Canada to Mexico to France) but also discipling her seven-year old son in the ways of the Lord! That’s deep. That’s the four generations deep, like 2 Timothy 2:2. Yaw -> Manuel -> Fernanda -> Leo. That’s INTERGENERATIONAL, in terms of passing on the Gospel metaphorically but even literally in terms of age.

    Oh wait! It gets even better! While in Mexico, Manuel and I spent the entire Friday afternoon (the day before his wedding) with Fernanda’s family in Tlaxcala! Fernanda’s brother who was not just an atheist but used to blaspheme against God was in our conversations using a phrase like “Thank God…” because he has seen with his own eyes not just his sister transformed but his eight-times-suicide-attempted mother receive Jesus Christ and being transformed right before his eyes! Mari was an atheist too before Fernanda led her to the Lord!

    You should meet Mari! She still battles with depression but she devours the word of God and loves The Purpose-Driven Life book (read it cover to cover about five times or so). Because the teaching materials (from The HuD Group) I handed to Manuel and with which she discipled Fernanda were based on Rick Warren’s work Mari follows the church services at Saddleback (Orange County, California) from Mexico. Her dream is that in about a year she will be able to come all the way to California to be baptized by Rick Warren himself!

    Isn’t this exciting, my friends? This is what we get to do partner with God to do: the transformation of not just nations but generations! Family trees are changing! God is not just the God of the NATIONS; He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (GENERATIONS). He is our God and we get to serve with Him on His mission.

    The “I” in ISM, is not just International; it is also Intergenerational! O God help us to be faithful in this international, intergenerational call! Amen! 

  • Manuel and his wife-in-waiting, Eve

    Manuel and his wife-in-waiting, Eve

    We get so used to words like “mentor” and carelessly throw both concept and practice about until another perspective from another culture makes us reexamine our thinking and praxis. …That we might be toying with the holy!

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  • A cross-section of one of the cross-cultural teams I get to work with at ISMC

    A cross-section of one of the cross-cultural teams I get to work with at ISMC

    I learnt this the hard way. There is a huge intersection between leadership principles in the corporate world and the church, true. But the former has its limits. It stops at the junction of the cross, if it isn’t willing to go that route of ‘cross leadership.’ Here's how.

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  • Ghana’s new vice-president and family (photo credit: classfmonline.com)

    Ghana’s new vice-president and family (photo credit: classfmonline.com)

    Life seems simpler when we can stereotype and put people and things in a box. But when your mental caricature is challenged by hitherto unknown facts or up close and personal encounters you had better shift your paradigm. Ghana’s new vice-president and his wife are making many re-think what being Muslim could look like.

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  • Family First

    The Perbi Family celebrating with the new Quach Family

    The Perbi Family celebrating with the new Quach Family

    It was the last-but-one day in November. What a delight to see the whole family waiting for me at the Pierre Trudeau international airport in Montreal—it was a surprise! Considering that I had flown over 130,000 miles on 63 flights that year alone, it would be the exception that my family would be at the airport to pick me. I had no idea Anyele and the cubs were planning to be there. My heart was deeply touched. That was upon my last overseas trip for the year 2016. The excitement was palpable.

    Then I heard from my dear wife that our older daughter had said in her excitement that I was coming home that day, “I’m so happy Daddy is coming to visit. I hope he stays for Christmas.” Visit? Ouch!

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