Our Staff


ISMC is an interdenominational faith mission, incorporated in Canada, and supported by friends who share our vision to “serve the world that has come to us.” Your generous gift will help us fulfill our mission to empower international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ.


All career staff raise their own financial support, you could help by starting a fundraiser. Consider pledging your birthday, run a race, give up coffee—there are many ways you can inspire friends and family with your fundraiser.


* Fundraising for staff salary goals includes salary needs, ministry expenses, and 10% administration fees.

Gifts are accepted only for projects or purposes approved by the governing board or the senior leadership team. Designated gifts are used for the purpose or project for which they have been given. When a need has been met, excess funds are used where needed most. Gifts of ten dollars or more are acknowledged with an income tax receipt.


Find campus staff/projects in your city by clicking on the province, or you can search for campus staff by name.

Photo credit: Bert Kamphuis