We are Christians who really love international students! We understand your steep learning curve in Canada. We understand your immersion in our culture can be confusing and disorienting. International Student Ministries Canada—ISMC has practical programs to help you adapt to and enjoy life in our great country.

We accompany our practical programs with the love of Christ. We connect you to a community of friendly people—some on campus—and provide opportunities to investigate Christianity. How? With your choice of Bible studies, helping you meet Christians, and providing Bible-based leadership training.

ISMC serves in 34 cities from Pacific to Atlantic. There are students from over 50 countries—all five continents—in our programs. You are most welcome in the ISMC family. Your religion or lack of religion, your ability in English, home country, political beliefs, or field of study do not matter. We love all international students. Come visit us!

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Friends for Dinner is a friendship and hospitality program. We connect you with a Canadian family for a meal during our big holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. You can build friendships with local families and learn Canadian culture.

Watch the videos below to hear stories of international students who participated to Friends for Dinner.


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Friendship Partner Program

ISMC’s free friendship partner program also connects you to individuals or families. We suggest (at least) a monthly meeting for a meal or an interesting activity. Many international students have made life-long friendships with Canadians through this program.

Friendship partners are your family and community away from home. They want to be your friend, teach our culture, answer questions, and help you have the best possible experience in Canada.

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FOCUS means Friends of Overseas College and University Students. This international friendship club is available on several colleges and universities. At these weekly meetings, enjoy a free meal, discuss life issues, experience social and cultural activities. Come join us for a meeting!

FOCUS Club is for any student who wants friendship, who needs support, or who wants a pleasant evening away from books, homework, and all that research!

Read The OtherPress article "Spotlight: Forget being hopeless, find focus," about the FOCUS Club at Douglas College, Vancouver.

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Cultural activities
and sightseeing trips

The ISMC team on your campus/city organizes monthly outings so you can enjoy Canadian culture and local attractions. Activities vary from city to city. Typical: bowling, hiking, skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, picnicking, camping, sightseeing trips, etc.

Other programs

  • Airport pickups (some locations)
  • Free furniture (some locations)
  • Assistance with banking, shopping, moving (some locations)

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ESL and U-Talk Club

If English is a problem, we can help. Improve your English in an ESL course or a U-Talk English Conversation Club. Open to everyone!

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Bible discussion groups

No matter what your background is (religious or non-religious), you are welcome at our Bible discussion groups. These groups are a safe and friendly place to share views on various topics, ask questions, and learn from one another.

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Leadership development

If you want to see your Bible-based leadership skills grow, we have free workshops, mentoring, and internship opportunities. Our goal: help you discover and use your God-given gifts and calling.

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ISMC offers internship opportunities to post-secondary students, Canadian students, international students, or graduated students who want to build ministry skills in a cross-cultural context. Interns are placed in an ISMC ministry under a trained and enthusiastic supervisor.

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Alumni Program

It is nice to be surrounded by supportive and helpful Christians in Canada, but what happens when you return home? Our Alumni Program connects you to a Christian community in your homeland, so you can continue to grow your faith in Christ.

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