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Thinking outside the Window (2015), by Dr. Yaw Perbi
Your heart will be thrilled as we get in, on, over, under, around, through, and beyond boxes—even no boxes! The mission of changing the world has significantly changed and you will want to as well.

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Treasures of His Grace (2013)
A booklet packed with Canadian stories of international student experiences. Be inspired as you see how God’s creative impact on student lives ripples around the globe.

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Touches of the Master's Hand (2011)
A collection of stories and testimonies from international students who came to Christ through ISMC.

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ISMC reaches out to international students

Faith Today Magazine
Interview with Dr. Yaw Perbi

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Thinking outside the Window

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Canadian Bible Society partners with International Student Ministries Canada to distribute Scriptures
Tuesday, September 6, 2016


We got on TV!

We traveled to Japan to visit returned students and build a network of believers and churches to whom we could send future students. A side benefit was getting featured on the local news!

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