God's Sanctuary for the Nations

If every church in Canada welcomed 12 international students, then all 265,000 would have an opportunity to know Jesus.

If you have international students in your neighbourhood, we are available to coach your church in starting an international student ministry (ISM).

If your church is not near a campus, we invite you to participate in ministry through prayer, friendship and helps (such as bringing a meal or driving to a student activity).

Befriending Students in Your Neighbourhood

I have been a sanctuary for them in the countries where they have gone .

Ezekiel 11:16b (NIV)

Kudos to the local church

At the end of every week, churches open their doors for foreign students to enjoy a free, healthy supper, a time of meeting and building friendships and a time to discuss Jesus and His impact in daily life.

In addition,  other churches participate by bringing the hot meal so the staff and volunteers are free to focus on ministering to the students.

Finally, our volunteers come from approximately 90 churches.

This is a treasured partnership.  We as a church, holding out a cup of water to non-Canadians and ISMC becoming a part of that church community.

Serving a Meal

Is your homegroup looking for a way to serve in the community?  Do you love to cook / bake and want to use these gifts to honour God?  Look no further.  Your local ISMC chapter would welcome your participation in ministering to international students by bringing a meal, or part of it to their weekly gathering.  Whether it's once a month, once a semester or simply once, your act of kindness will be greatly appreciated.

Starting an ISM in your church

ISMC is here to assist any church that finds itself in the center of a university or college community with starting up their own ministry to students.  We would be happy to help you assess student demographics and brainstorm natural giftings your church has to meet the needs of the students and welcome them into your church community.