Alex Akrofi - St John's

I was raised in a Pentecostal background and committed my life to Christ in 2013 after watching The Passion of the Christ. It helped me understand and appreciate what our Savior went through to save us from our sin and to show the extent of His love. Since then, I have been on a progressive, interesting, and enlightening journey of seeking to walk in God’s promises and to live a life of fulfillment that brings glory to His name.

I see the Christian life as a progressive journey of accepting the love of God, reaching others with that kind of love, and trusting God’s leading and guidance each step of the way. Although mine has not been an all-rosy journey, the discipline of learning to trust God in difficult situations has kept me going. No matter how tough it has been, God was my very present help.

In addition to being the St. John’s city representative, I lead Memorial’s FOCUS Club. What a great place to bring together international students and colleagues to learn and find encouragement in Christ. I look forward to living out my God-given mandate and to continue what the Lord has already started in the lives of many international students in St. John’s.

Alex Akrofi 

Alex Akrofi has joined ISMC as city representative in St. John’s, NL, serving at Memorial University. “I believe,” says Alex, “it is important to reach others and make disciples of all nations. It is exciting to share the Word with students and colleagues.”


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