Why we ‘Go’

Sirens are sounding!

Sirens are sounding!

When firefighters are called into action, they grab their gear and make haste. There is an emergency; a slow response could be fatal.  The sirens are sounding! God is calling us to rally and reach the foreigner, but do we know why we go?

The verse God has put upon ISMC's ministry in Sherbrooke for 2017 is Acts 9:15. “Go, because he’s my chosen instrument to carry my name to unbelievers, to their kings, and to the descendants of Israel.” God gave Ananias the instruction to go because somebody needed to tell Paul that Christ was calling him to great things. We know what happened next: lives were saved and churches emerged everywhere. God used Ananias to impact one person who changed the world.

There are international students in our midst who are chosen by God to bring nations to Christ. This is why we move hastily - for lives are at stake.

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