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Sharing from Rhonda Berkhiem, Lead Pastor, Life Design Foursquare Church

In January 2016, the Life Design Foursquare Church sensed the Lord calling us to transition to a house church model of ministry with a focus on hospitality and community building. After much deliberation, we stopped renting a school gym and packed ourselves into the living room of my condo. For the next two months we prayed for direction. At our mid-March AGM, we came to an agreement on the ministry’s vision and mission. The next day we received an offer to rent what we now call Life Design House, just blocks from the Douglas College campus in New Westminster, BC.

We moved into the house in May and started a weekly community supper in June as a way to meet neighbors and explore what biblical hospitality could look like in our modern-day context. In July, I met Edward Hum, ISMC’s FOCUS Club director at Douglas College. I discovered we share a vision of building community through hospitality and love. This led to a wonderful partnership which has brought a new dynamic to our church community and the Douglas College FOCUS Club.

Life Design House has become a community hub for college students and alumni, neighbors, and our church. We host weekly community suppers, life groups, and prayer nights. We have also hosted cooking exchanges, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas Eve dinners with a candlelight service, as well as games/karaoke nights.

Since opening our front door six months ago, we have seen amazing things happen through salvation decisions, baptisms, and many divine appointments! Jesus has been teaching us how much can be accomplished together for His kingdom by simply allowing the power of His love to flow through us as a community. We are thankful for our partnership with Edward and the FOCUS family and look forward to all God has for us in 2017!

Published on the February 2017 issue of Doorways

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  • irene wachiuri February 26, 2017
    praise God. I really love what you do.This has been my passion ever since.I have tried the little I have to serve God through serving the community especially the orphans and would like to do my theology and be in ministry for the rest of my life. Can I get a place in your church to learn in church leadership as I await to do my theology?

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