God is creative

I always wondered what is the meaninf of being an artist as well as missionary in Canada. While I was thinking, seems as if my art has been "put aside" and feel a bit sad about it. Then God acts. One of my friend who is a tea mixer needed urgent help at her stand and I filled it for her. Then I met this lady who is a writer trying to create a community for Japanese artist in Vancouver. She was intreagued what I do and why I do my art work and wanted to interview me.

I had her interview last month and then this is what she wrote about. She worte both in Japanese and English. Japanese one has more details but English one I found it interesting. Here is the link http://www.universitychapel.org/files/LE2017-FullManual.pdf

She worte ISMC and introduced it in the very nice way! I am very thankful how she wrote about me both in Japanes and English. As well, God has been intentional to encouraged me being an artist last 2 months in the vaious way. I spoke at Reaching Japanese for Chrsit internatinal conference as an artist and  to me, art is the language inbetween head and heart. It communicate both in the very unique way and great vehacule for the out reach, which I mean meaningful conversation. I am looking forward to seeing how God will use me als as an artist this year!

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