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Thanks for all your prayers! The Biennial National Staff Conference 'United in God's Great Story' has been transformational! More than 80 staff, volunteers, partners and guest-speakers have united together to connect, to get equipped and to share God's great stories. Here's are some of the feedbacks we've received from our staff:

"We really appreciate the sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit in guiding the organization to grow deeper. This is a crucial strategy for each of us individually and for the organization as a whole." - Stuart and Mary

"With a focus of going deep we press on abiding in the LORD so that we might bear MUCH fruit for HIS glory! We were greatly encouraged by daily times of prayer, sharing our stories and inductive study of the living WORD! We also left inspired and challenged by our speakers." - Seth and Brittany 

Reading these messages and seeing how ISMC staff have been empowered and encouraged, I count it ALL JOY the busyness, exhaustion and spiritual battles we (the conference planning team) have gone through. We have experienced God's faithfulness, provision and guidance all the way!

At the conference, I sensed a strong presence of the Holy Spirit, and I am very happy to see that we are not running an organization with human wisdom and leadership, but a deep longing and surrendering to the sovereignty and guidance of our Almightily God!

A Pastor once told me 'the higher you fly, the deeper you go'. While planning the staff conference, God has led me to a new level of understanding of this truth.

As servant-leaders, the more we advance in ministry, the more we need to be rooted in God's Word and filled with His Spirit. This is the only way how we can persevere through and fight against the evil powers and spiritual forces.

Thankfully, God has given me an awesome team, a strong Body of Christ held together in good times when we rejoice and praise; and in challenging times when we pray and support each others. The planning of the conference has led us experience what a heavenly family truly is! Thank God for an amazing Kingdom team!

God Bless you all!

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