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On Wednesday, we do JBS (Japanese Bible Study) and was praying last Wed to think of this patitucer studnet, Hitomi. I wanted to know what she is thinking now after the last JBS she came. There we spoke about who is Jesus and she said Jesus is God. 

When I met her, she needed to talk, she said she could not talk what was going on with her to anybody and didn't know what to do. She said she thought through and only the person she could think of whom can listen to her was me. I listened and in the end, I said, " I think today's scriputer we are supposed to read will help. Let's read bible, shall we?" So we did.  There we spoke about what is seeking God's groly. Then we carried on talking about her issue, to find what she wants to do for the future. Towards to the end of the conversation, she said, " If the life is like what you say,  I would chose that." So I asked " You  mean, you want Juesu to become the 'driver of life' for you?" "Yes, that is what I mean."

So we praied for the prayer of confession.  Althoug the situation she is in hasn't changed at all, she said "Somehow, I feel excited!"

Yes, we had another person who decide to follow Christ this week and I must say, that excitenement of following Christ is the beginning of the adventure, called LIFE.

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