Ministry Update: May 2018

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Sometimes when I walk around UBC, I have to pinch myself to realize I get to work at a place where there are more international students (about 16,000) than at any other North American campus. I am truly blessed to work with an amazing team and ministry like ISMC!

Those who have known me during my 25 years of pastoral work, joke that I’ve just changed parishes. Maybe so, but the change is dramatic. Some students, like Wing from China, come to faith and go home to teach at prestigious Chinese universities.  

While preparing to train for pastoral ministry, I met my wife Jooling. She had recently come from her home country of Malaysia and I had just returned from missionary service in Europe. We lived and served at a large house dedicated to international student ministry near UBC. I guess such ministry is in our genes because our youngest son Josh (pictured beside his brother Matt) has served as president of the Focus Club at Simon Fraser University.  

What a great joy to take several trips to visit students and scholars after they return to China. Sometimes, I have been hosted by their parents and had opportunity to share how their children are growing in Christ. Please pray, as I am visiting students in China until the end of the month.

Like Wing, returning students become the missionaries we can never be. What a privilege to empower international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ!

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