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“God is faithful!” These simple words moved me deeply when I heard them from a couple who had been missionaries for more than 30 years. What a joyful couple! Their eyes sparkled as they shared how God had worked in their ministry and lives!

I wanted to be like them, to put my trust in God and surrender to Him. I wanted to understand their unshakable joy and be part of a greater mission. A desire for full time ministry started to grow in my heart.

Early in 2015, ISMC asked me to serve in communications and marketing. Hmmm. Something to consider seriously . . . an opportunity to minister, an opportunity that matched my professional field and seven years of experience. Should I take this step of faith? Should I trust God’s provision and guidance? Did I have what it takes to grow in Him and testify to His faithfulness?

The calling was clear, but I was intimidated. Scared! Live on support? That step of faith required tremendous courage. I felt inadequate, but knew that fear denied everything I had learned about faith since becoming a Christian in 2000. I prayed, I asked friends to pray with me, and through the process, God gave me so much peace and encouragement I fully surrendered. It was not easy, but I believe it was the right decision!

I develop and implement ISMC’s internal and external communications.

  • Internal communications—bring together the technology, process, and training to help staff effectively communicate and work together, even though scattered across Canada in 33 cities.
  • External communications—improve branding uniformity and implement integrated communication strategies (website, social media pages, newsletters, promotional material).

In addition to my national role, I help develop ISMC’s two-year-old ministry in Montreal, a city with a huge mission field of international students. The Montreal team organizes programs to build friendships so we can share Christ’s love. To help me in my ministry, I can speak four languages, but quickly learned that the language of love and respect were the most important.

More than 110 staff and 500 volunteers ensure that international students are welcomed into a loving community and support network. We seek to reach and empower them in Canada so they can return to their homeland and have positive influences for Jesus, personally and professionally.

Canada hosts nearly a quarter million international students every year. Imagine what the world would look like if these international students were strategically empowered to bring positive impacts as salt and light in their home countries!

To learn more about ISMC, I invite you to view these videos.
ISMC in motion
Life-changing story from a student

As you partner with me financially, I will work hard and serve full time to make a difference—locally and nationally. As my ministry progresses, I commit to sharing with you the beautiful stories I experience, stories of God’s faithfulness and work in my life and that of many others.



*Fundraising for staff salary goals includes salary needs, ministry expenses, and 10% administration fees.

Gifts will be accepted only for projects or purposes approved by the governing board or Senior Leadership Team. Designated gifts will be used for the particular purpose or project for which they have been given. When any given need has been met, excess funds (if any) will be used where needed most. Gifts of ten dollars or more will be acknowledged with an official receipt for income tax purposes.

Staff & Project Updates

  • Thanks for your prayers, the annual planning retreat as well as the meeting with the board of directors in Edmonton went very well, and we sense the Lord speaking to us about focusing on being a CATALYST of international student ministires. Indeed, one of the objectives of ISMC is to catalyze and equip the local Christian communities to share the gospel with international students. With more than 450,000 international students in Canada, we sense an urgency to build stronger partnerships with other members of the Body of Christ in order to be effective hands and feet of the gospel.

    One of the ways we believe could equip the local Christian communities to serve international students is to share with them our our experience and resources. At ISMC, we are blessed to have staff with more than 20 years of experience working with international students, and over the years, we have also established several friendship, hospitality and discipleship programs. In the coming months, we will work on developing and strengthening some ISM-related trainings, resources and programs and making them available to the Christian communities who have a heart to serve international students.

    Please continue to keep the works of ISMC in your prayer!

  • As my first mission trip and first trip to Africa, it has been an eye-opening experience (culturally and spiritually! During the 10 days in Accra, Ghana, we:

    • visited several support partners (many faithful brothers and sisters in Ghana are supporting our ministry in Canada! Amazing, isn'it?);
    • shared our experience with the ISM leaders at the Legon Interdenominational Church, a church based on the University of Ghana, and equipped them in building an international students ministry locally (I had the opportunity to present the friendship and hospitality program Friends for Dinner);
    • attended a service at the Legon Interdenominational Church (Ghanaian style worship was powerful!);
    • met many international students and had a gathering with returnees who studied in Canada in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s (and they are now impacting the world for Jesus Christ!);
    • watched the rehearsal of a play directed by a brother who used performance arts to address social issues with a Christ-centered message (I learned a lot about the culture in Ghana, and am specially impressed by their creativity in mission works);
    • visited the Wesley Methodist Church and learned about the inspiring life journey of the missionaries who sacrifice their own lives in order to sow the seed of the Gospel in West Africa. Today, the church becomes a vibrant local church (praying that the seeds they sacrificially sowed will continue to multiply and bear fruits). 
    • had several powerful prayer times;
    • studied the book Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership (as part of the quarterly National team retreat);
    • visited the University of Ghana and met with the Dean to discuss opportunities to work together to connect international students to Christian communities.
    • gave a presentation about ISMC at ITCONSORTIUM, a Christian IT company who is supporting our mission (very encouraging to see Kingdom-minded business people);
    • and finally, we celebrated the 40th birthday of our dear President Yaw (a mentor and brother who greatly impacted me)!

    I am very thankful to be part of this fruitful and insightful trip. Please join me to pray for God's continuous guidance and open doors for ISM in Ghana and in Canada!

  • The dumpling making dinner with international students and the AE Fellowship at the Montreal Chinese Alliance church yesterday was fun and lovely! Some students learned to make dumpling for the first time! We've talked the traditions of Chinese New Year celebration. Everyone enjoyed it!

    We thank God for open doors. We will continue to look for partnership opportunities with local churches to organize activities with international students. Our goal is to connect them to the local Christian communities in which they may seek support and friendships.

    Please pray for more open doors!

  • We had a lovely fellowship time with students and brought them to the Fish Frosh worship night yesterday. They enjoyed the experience of singing worship songs in different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean! It was absolutely beautiful!

    We can talk to students about Jesus, but worship brings them to encounter Him! While they think that they are simply singing some touching church songs, the Holy Spirit is already doing wonderful works in their heart! This is much more effective than all that we can say about God.

    What a wonderful way to partner with our Heavenly Father!

    1 Corinthians 3:6-7
    I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.

  • Thanks for all your prayers! The Biennial National Staff Conference 'United in God's Great Story' has been transformational! More than 80 staff, volunteers, partners and guest-speakers have united together to connect, to get equipped and to share God's great stories. Here's are some of the feedbacks we've received from our staff:

    "We really appreciate the sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit in guiding the organization to grow deeper. This is a crucial strategy for each of us individually and for the organization as a whole." - Stuart and Mary

    "With a focus of going deep we press on abiding in the LORD so that we might bear MUCH fruit for HIS glory! We were greatly encouraged by daily times of prayer, sharing our stories and inductive study of the living WORD! We also left inspired and challenged by our speakers." - Seth and Brittany 

    Reading these messages and seeing how ISMC staff have been empowered and encouraged, I count it ALL JOY the busyness, exhaustion and spiritual battles we (the conference planning team) have gone through. We have experienced God's faithfulness, provision and guidance all the way!

    At the conference, I sensed a strong presence of the Holy Spirit, and I am very happy to see that we are not running an organization with human wisdom and leadership, but a deep longing and surrendering to the sovereignty and guidance of our Almightily God!

    A Pastor once told me 'the higher you fly, the deeper you go'. While planning the staff conference, God has led me to a new level of understanding of this truth.

    As servant-leaders, the more we advance in ministry, the more we need to be rooted in God's Word and filled with His Spirit. This is the only way how we can persevere through and fight against the evil powers and spiritual forces.

    Thankfully, God has given me an awesome team, a strong Body of Christ held together in good times when we rejoice and praise; and in challenging times when we pray and support each others. The planning of the conference has led us experience what a heavenly family truly is! Thank God for an amazing Kingdom team!

    God Bless you all!

  • Lifestyle evangelism is a great way to minister to international students. We can all do it simply by experiencing life, sharing friendship and love, and releasing Christ's glorious light in the lives of these young people.

    During our last FOCUS Club in March, students expressed their interest in an outing activity at the sugar shack. Many of them have never been, so we decided to bring them to experience their first Canadian sugar shack.

    Thanks God for bringing along such an awesome team to organize this activity. We were 21 in total, and we had a really great time sharing friendship, fun, food and faith!

    It was raining the whole week, but NOT A SINGLE DROP OF WATER when we were at the sugar shack with the students. Praise the Lord!


  • We just had another gathering yesterday with the youth ministries leaders and some international students. I sense God doing something phenomenal by uniting us together in such a perfect timing, just a few months before ISMC staff conference that will take place in Montreal this summer!

    At the meeting yesterday, we were united with French speaking, English speaking, Mandarin speaking and Spanish speaking people for a multicultural dinner, a small Bible study, a worship and dancing time. I had the opportunity to talk to a few other leaders and shared ideas how we may work together to reach the 35,000+ international students in Montreal.

    Love brings unity; and unity brings revival! Praise God for His amazing works among us, among local ministries and churches in Montreal!!!

  • We had an amazing gathering with the leaders of youth ministries in Montreal this past Saturday! As children of Christ, we are so blessed to have our Heavenly Father in the center. His almightiness and love unite us together as One, working together for His glory!

    I really love the heart and humility of all these amazing leaders. Pray for God's will to be done through all of us!

  • We had an awesome time at the FOCUS gathering with students tonight. Thanks God for bringing all these lovely people even in this super cold day!

  • FOCUS stands for Friends of Overseas College and University Students. It is a student club with internationals. ISMC has FOCUS Clubs across Canada, touching thousands of lives with the love of Christ!

    A new FOCUS Club has been launched in Montreal since November last year. We gather with students the second Saturday of every month. It’s been a blessing to meet students from different cultures coming together to share friendship, food, fun and faith!

    “People need a place to belong before they believe,” a quote I recently heard, and this is the focus or our FOCUS Club: to provide students a home away from home where they feel loved and cared for.

    At the first FOCUS Club of 2017, we invited host families and students who have participated to Friends for Dinner last year. We wanted to provide an opportunity for them to reconnect after their Christmas dinner gathering. Host families shared about their experiences hosting students during Christmas time. “We had a great time together and had a lot of conversations,” said one of the host families, “we watched a short video about Christmas, sang the song This is Amazing Grace, read a Bible verse about love, and prayed together! It was wonderful!“

    Six Indian students along with other students joined the FOCUS Club in January. We watched the video series on The Stranger on the road to Emmaus, and had a interactive discussion about the origins of the Bible.

    The February FOCUS Club was held just this past Saturday. This time, four Chinese students came. We had a very interesting discussion about creation and the existence of angels. Everyone asked fascinating questions that led to inspiring sharings. One of the students expressed her interest to visit a church and to meet more Christians. She said, "there are a lot of rude and lost people in this world. I think it's because they don't have God in their heart. People who go to church and have God in their heart are very kind."

    Pray for this student as I will invite her to my church next Sunday! May the Holy Spirit continue to work in the heart of these students.

    Thank you for your prayers and partnership in God’s mission!

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