President's Circle (Dr. Yaw Perbi's Support)

Financial support for Dr. Yaw Perbi (and family) as, under God, he occupies this "strategic global leadership role!" (The Lausanne Movement)

$56,120 raised

Founded by Billy Graham and cemented by the likes of John Stott, since 1974 when the Lausanne Movement speaks, people listen.  In a very humbling  February 17, 2014 press release, the Lausanne Movement aptly described my International Student Ministries of Canada (ISMC) Presidency as a "STRATEGIC GLOBAL LEADERSHIP ROLE."

In 2013 the Lord called me to lead ISMC as an avant-garde mission in rallying friendship, hospitality, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development for the 400,000 international students in Canada.  I have responsibility not only for the 20,000 students we’re reaching annually but also for the over 100 ISMC staff and 450 volunteers ministering on 52 campuses in 30 cities from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts of the second widest country on earth! 

Like Gideon, I too humbly realize the absolute need for ‘300 men’ who will come shoulder to shoulder alongside me in prayer, encouragement and financial support for the Lord to accomplish great things with us together for His glory, hence my invitation to you to prayerfully consider becoming a part of my recently launched President’s Circle.

Will you prayerfully consider this inner circle that forms my ‘ESPN’~Encouraging, Supporting (financially), and Praying Network?

Thank you!

Yours, nay, His, until He returns,



*Fundraising for staff salary goals includes salary needs, ministry expenses, and 10% administration fees.

Gifts will be accepted only for projects or purposes approved by the governing board or Senior Leadership Team. Designated gifts will be used for the particular purpose or project for which they have been given. When any given need has been met, excess funds (if any) will be used where needed most. Gifts of ten dollars or more will be acknowledged with an official receipt for income tax purposes.

Staff & Project Updates

  • The year 2018 began with a bang! See how so.

  • With another new year comes another fresh challenge of fasting and prayer for 21 days—just like Daniel did.

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  • About 70% of the leaders who retreated with me in Egypt are former international students/returnees (mostly Canadian alumni but others studied elsewhere). They are making waves in their countries, especially in Egypt.

    Some parts of this special Middle East Report have been edited out (not full version) to protect the identities of friends in these parts but we can always have a one-on-one discussion about how God is on the move in the Arab world.

    A BIG "THANK YOU" to all of you who make possible our work of inspiring and empowering emerging leaders to impact the world through Jesus Christ!

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  • From the experience of being an unwanted child through dropping out of school to becoming a shepherd girl in China to being on the brink of inability to complete her international education in the USA this year, one thing is evident throughout Jun’s amazing life story: there is no stopping God from accomplishing His ordained purposes in a person’s life! Buckle your seat belt as you hear from the horse’s own mouth.

    Read Jun's personal testimony here

  • Sometimes one can’t help but wonder whether names of people in history were given to them after they lived the way they did (to capture the essence of their lives) or really before. Naming is important; names are prophetic.

    We just named our newest child... Read more.

  • "One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts." (Psalm 145:4)

    Two weeks ago (18-21 May) I was in Tlaxcala and Puebla in Mexico. Why? Manuel, one of our international students who already knew the LORD but was further discipled and developed as a leader while doing part of his Master’s in Engineering programme at McGill University was getting married!

    Just to give you an idea how much our relationship means to each other, his wedding was originally scheduled for the weekend of INTERGEN (28-30 May), a conference in California (USA) of Christian foreign student advisors and international student ministry (ISM) workers from across the country which sought to emphasize the intergenerational nature of the family of God and His mission. Manuel had called to give me his wedding date barely 2-3 days after I had confirmed to Paula Parker (President of International Friends Meet and organizer of INTERGEN) that I was going to be in California to speak at INTERGEN! Not wanting to renege on my promise to Paula I expressed my deep regret to Manuel and now he had the difficult task of convincing his bride that they shift the wedding by a week—and they did!

    If you read my book, Thinking Outside the Window, you will recall  (pages 162-163) a young Mexican returnee who phoned me one day and said, “HELP DOCTOR, I need more leadership training. I AM LEADING MY BOSS!” This was in 2013. Well, it turns out that not only did Manuel lead this boss (a woman who was the daughter of the owner of this textile manufacturing plant) in terms of work in the marketplace, but actually led this gifted-but-messed-up boss (child out of wedlock, and in our her words, “trapped in a vortex of pain going from abuses, eating disorders, destructive relationships and violence”) to FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST!

    Well, as we speak this boss has relocated to France, from where she contacted me and requested further mentoring (including finding her God-given purpose and putting together a personal mission statement etc.). We meet monthly via technology.

    Now guess what? She is influencing her French fiancé (you see wide and international impact from Canada to Mexico to France) but also discipling her seven-year old son in the ways of the Lord! That’s deep. That’s the four generations deep, like 2 Timothy 2:2. Yaw -> Manuel -> Fernanda -> Leo. That’s INTERGENERATIONAL, in terms of passing on the Gospel metaphorically but even literally in terms of age.

    Oh wait! It gets even better! While in Mexico, Manuel and I spent the entire Friday afternoon (the day before his wedding) with Fernanda’s family in Tlaxcala! Fernanda’s brother who was not just an atheist but used to blaspheme against God was in our conversations using a phrase like “Thank God…” because he has seen with his own eyes not just his sister transformed but his eight-times-suicide-attempted mother receive Jesus Christ and being transformed right before his eyes! Mari was an atheist too before Fernanda led her to the Lord!

    You should meet Mari! She still battles with depression but she devours the word of God and loves The Purpose-Driven Life book (read it cover to cover about five times or so). Because the teaching materials (from The HuD Group) I handed to Manuel and with which she discipled Fernanda were based on Rick Warren’s work Mari follows the church services at Saddleback (Orange County, California) from Mexico. Her dream is that in about a year she will be able to come all the way to California to be baptized by Rick Warren himself!

    Isn’t this exciting, my friends? This is what we get to do partner with God to do: the transformation of not just nations but generations! Family trees are changing! God is not just the God of the NATIONS; He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (GENERATIONS). He is our God and we get to serve with Him on His mission.

    The “I” in ISM, is not just International; it is also Intergenerational! O God help us to be faithful in this international, intergenerational call! Amen! 

  • I learnt this the hard way. There is a huge intersection between leadership principles in the corporate world and the church, true. But the former has its limits. It stops at the junction of the cross, if it isn’t willing to go that route of ‘cross leadership.’ Here's how.

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  • Life seems simpler when we can stereotype and put people and things in a box. But when your mental caricature is challenged by hitherto unknown facts or up close and personal encounters you had better shift your paradigm. Ghana’s new vice-president and his wife are making many re-think what being Muslim could look like.

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  • It was the last-but-one day in November. What a delight to see the whole family waiting for me at the Pierre Trudeau international airport in Montreal—it was a surprise! Considering that I had flown over 130,000 miles on 63 flights that year alone, it would be the exception that my family would be at the airport to pick me. I had no idea Anyele and the cubs were planning to be there. My heart was deeply touched. That was upon my last overseas trip for the year 2016. The excitement was palpable.

    Then I heard from my dear wife that our older daughter had said in her excitement that I was coming home that day, “I’m so happy Daddy is coming to visit. I hope he stays for Christmas.” Visit? Ouch!

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  • A global phenomenon~from and to Africa also!

    There are now over 5 million international students in the world—and Africa has her share of those it sends and receives. In Canada, 7% of our international students hail from Africa, with Nigeria now being the seventh largest sender of students to Canada after China, India, France, South Korea, USA and Saudi Arabia.
         That the current president of International Student Ministries Canada and Lausanne co-catalyst for ISM is from Ghana isn't why the much-anticipated Ghana training of trainers for International Student Ministries (ISM) took place at Hephzibah Christian Centre in Peduase, in the Eastern Region of Ghana per se. Ghana is the receiving hub of international student activity in West Africa (with some 15,000+ international students), as Kenya and South Africa are in East and Southern Africa respectively.
         Emma Brewster (Yaw's British Lausanne co-catalyst who works with SIM in South Africa) joined Yaw to train a dozen-and-a-half leaders from local churches (mainly Legon Interdenominational Church, Accra and University Interdenominational Church, Cape Coast) as well as mission agencies (GHAFES/Intervarsity, Navigators, Campus Crusade, Teens Aloud, The HuD Group, Challenge Enterprises) during two days of fun and learning (November 18-19). These were not only strategic attendees because they covered the major international student campuses in the country but they also represented the three major regions of Ghana with the highest concentration of international students: University of Ghana in Greater Accra, University of Cape Coast in the Central Region and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in the Ashanti Region.
         It was humbling to see many of the participants transform from cautious optimists (at the onset) into ardent believers in ISM and eager practitioners over the two days as topics ranging from the strategic nature of ISM, through theology of hospitality, to cross-cultural evangelism, discipleship and leadership development were explored.
         Please pray that the action plans each of the participants put together will become a reality sooner than later. A Whatsapp group that has since been created has been key in keeping up interest and keeping one another abreast with current developments in our ministries (for example the Legon Interdenominational Church made announcements for host families for Christmas day lunch on Sunday Dec 4). Also, a Google Drive loaded with the PowerPoint presentations and other resources has been made available to participants for their further study and mobilization of the Body of Christ in Ghana to reach the nations that have come to their doorstep too!

    No 'third world' in the Kingdom
    If we include proceeds from the Thinking Outside the Window book launch in Accra, we would say that in 2016 alone Ghana has contributed over $50,000 to the mission of reaching the world for Jesus Christ through international students! Hallelujah!
         As Yaw preached at three of our ISMC partner churches (Akuapem Ridge Interdenominational Church~Nov 20, World Evangelism Ministries~Nov 22 and International Central Gospel Church Gbawe~Nov 27), in addition to addressing a special Partners appreciation programme (Nov 26) he not only expressed profound gratitude to them but reiterated the biblical reality that" in the Kingdom of God, there is no 'third world'! You're either in the Kingdom or you're not." No wonder Africa today is a major player, even financially-speaking, in global mission. This is the bigger picture not many get to see or truly acknowledge.

    O come let us adore Him this Christmastide that the nations may come to know Him!
    May the Christ-child be born afresh in your heart this December! 

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$56,120 raised