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Nicole's Role As City Director:
- Facilitate well rounded ministry to internationals in the universities and colleges
- Develop a city ministry plan and strategies for achieving the plan
- Provide encouragement, prayer and training for team members
- Develop a good relationship with churches and other ministries in the area
- Help launch ISMC in Francophone universities

A note from Nicole:
The Scriptures describe God's heart for nations and how He chooses to partner with us to establish His kingdom. If I am completely honest with you, I am not too sure why I have been chosen for this specific role. However, I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has called me. This is where He wants me to be, so here I am happily sharing my life in Christ with those around. My heart is to equip the community and together reach the nations.

You too can impact the world; join Nicole's team of financial partners! 


*Fundraising for staff salary goals includes salary needs, ministry expenses, and 10% administration fees.

Gifts will be accepted only for projects or purposes approved by the governing board or Senior Leadership Team. Designated gifts will be used for the particular purpose or project for which they have been given. When any given need has been met, excess funds (if any) will be used where needed most. Gifts of ten dollars or more will be acknowledged with an official receipt for income tax purposes.

Staff & Project Updates

  • When firefighters are called into action, they grab their gear and make haste. There is an emergency; a slow response could be fatal.  The sirens are sounding! God is calling us to rally and reach the foreigner, but do we know why we go?

    The verse God has put upon ISMC's ministry in Sherbrooke for 2017 is Acts 9:15. “Go, because he’s my chosen instrument to carry my name to unbelievers, to their kings, and to the descendants of Israel.” God gave Ananias the instruction to go because somebody needed to tell Paul that Christ was calling him to great things. We know what happened next: lives were saved and churches emerged everywhere. God used Ananias to impact one person who changed the world.

    There are international students in our midst who are chosen by God to bring nations to Christ. This is why we move hastily - for lives are at stake.

  • Tuesday 11:43 a.m., I received a text message from an international student. It read, "Nicole, come baptize me". At noon, people gathered by the river to hear her proclaim that she belonged to Christ. 

    As she publicly declared her faith, we praise God for his work in the lives of all our students. He is faithful and brings his work to completion. Leviticus 26:9, "I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful and increase your numbers, and I will keep my covenant with you". 

                 To this friend,

    It was a privilege to welcome you to Sherbrooke and into my home late August 2015. We had long conversations, marvelled at the blood moon and ate some tasty food. You taught me to make brigadero and helped me with ISMC stuff. some of my friendships are stronger than ever because of you. You taught me a lot and I'm a better person because of you. 

    Thank you for the honour of standing by you on this important day. 

  • Each international student connects with us for different reasons. As we respond to their distinct needs, relationships develop. They get attached to the community and spread the word.

    • S. - Refugee from Africa
      S. proudly proclaims himself as the oldest 'ISMCer' in Sherbrooke. He took it upon himself to convince other international students of the importance of ISMC. 
    • H. - International student from Asia
      H. arrived last September. When she heard of ISMC, she thought to herself: 'It is good that I chose Sherbrooke. It is good for me to be in a place where the community takes care of international students'. She spreads the word on campus and highly encourages her friends to get involved. 
    • J. - Incoming exchange student from South America
      J. will study at Bishop's University next semester. He heard of ISMC through a friend and has already contacted us asking how he can get involved. 

    "Nations you do not know will come running to you, because of the Lord your God (...) for he has endowed you with splendour" Isaiah 55:5. God fulfills his promises. Notoriety is growing and people are running to us! 

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$3,365 raised